Git ,GitHub & Week 2 – 23/4/21

A very frustrating first session today. As i am working on a chromebook I was unable to download and use/install git, github desktop or So I had to just watch and make notes on the session.

07/05/21 – have been given a windows tablet to use from work. Was able to connect to git, install github desktop and also It was very frustrating that the video from the lesson was not available for me to watch back and then complete the tasks. I was however able to go back over my notes and work out what I was supposed to be doing.

I managed to set up GitHub and install atom to use on the machine. I was then able to go through the git-it tutorial and complete 95% of the exercises. I couldn’t get all to show as verified – it may be due to using a tablet. I was however able to complete the final exercise and show that my work was on the jlord site.

I was also able to upload and change a previously made CV site in order to complete the GitHub profile challenge – you can see it here.

Most of the git commands were familiar and it was good to have a process to go through for the learning. I also set up a git command excel spreadsheet with an explanation of each command for future reference which I will be able t search if needed to find the correct command. I now need to speak to work and ask when and what I should be using git for in our work as I have never had to commit anything there.

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