JS Basics: Week 3 – 30/4/21

Reflections on lesson:

I was familiar with most of the Js in this lesson. New concepts were the template literals and const. It was reassuring to know that my very basic js knowledge of vars, objects, strings etc is ok.

Reflections on Off Job task:

Nightmare! Using html, css and js all together is new to me as i haven’t got that far with my basic programming. I had come across Math.round. I hadn’t come across toFixed before and adding them together to get to 2 decimal places was also new. 

Displaying the js via  (document.getElementById(“totalBill”).innerHTML += totalBill;) was also new. I saw this done by Robin on the course via his codePen. I’ve not had to display js in this way before.

All in all a tricky task but I have definitely learnt a lot today!

I definitely need to keep working on and complete my basic front end developer course and my js courses on freecodecamp.

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