Semantic HTML: Week 1 – 16/04/21

Unfortunately I started the course a week later than the rest of my cohorts as I was a late addition. Therefore I missed both the course introduction and this session on semantic html. As of the date of writing the video’s are not yet available however I have been able to complete the HTML challenge.

I started out by reading through the instructions on GitHub. I the proceeded to plan out on paper what the table for the challenge would contain in terms of sections etc. You can see this below. The blue is the html elements and the green is css. I did it in this way as i’m a very visual person. Once i could ‘see’ the table I knew how I would construct it.

I then proceeded to write the html file and then the corresponding css file. I did have some problems with the table rows as I initially had the band names in a <th> tag. This meant that I couldn’t correctly target them with the css that I wanted. I fixed this by add the band names to a td with a class of ‘band’, this meant I could style as needed.

In order to style correctly I need need to look up various information via either w3schools or MDN. Namely using the linear-gradient and how to us nth-child.

All in all a fun project which helped to get me writing more code and getting more confident with css.

I might just have to go and listed to some of this punk music to see what i’ve been missing out on!

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