Update 2.7.21

It’s now week 13 of the course and honestly I’ve felt absolutely lost over the last few weeks or so.

There has been so much new information to learn and we have had lots of projects at work nearing completion. This has meant that we have been pushing toward the final hurdle. I feel like I’m finally able to lift my head above the parapet. Which is a relief!

I’m not going to try and go back over each of the last few weeks, I’m just going to move forward and try and share my musing, useful info, tips and tricks as I move along this coding journey.

In that spirit here’s what I’ve learnt this week:

You need to be in control of your own CPD.

You should not just be doing what your colleagues have done. It needs to be personal to your role and your future career aspirations.

You can never know everything!

Today I found out about the Dunning–Kruger Effect. This is something I’ve not encountered before and found it very beneficial in relation to my current battle with learning JavaScript (heading down to the valley of despair!).

Dunning Kruger effect graph

Get to really know the tools you use.

You could potentially save yourself thousands of hours over your career by learning the tips, tricks and shortcuts on tools you regularly use.

Bonus – you will look like a ninja to the uninitiated 😂.

This week I’ve spend some time learning about chrome’s DevTools here. I especially loved finding out that if you go into sources and open the html file, select the section you want, right click and you can copy it and paste it somewhere else. This alone saved me hours this week by not having to manually add each tag and style to a policy and procedures document I was transferring from a clients external website to their new app.

Pass it on

Today I had the pleasure of teaching some year 11 students about WordPress. They are going to be creating a website for a local community interest project that our company will host and maintain. It was a good lesson in going back to basics and also felt really good to be able to pass on some of the knowledge I have learnt over past few years.

Until next time, Happy coding!

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