COVID-19 Update

With the continuing developments of the COVID-19 Pandemic we wish to reassure all our partners, clients, suppliers and associates that business at Aquarian Cladding continues.

The global and national response to COVID-19 is evolving daily and we, like you, are doing all that we can to continue to operate to our normal capacity and highest of standards. Our priority however is ensuring the wellbeing of our people and those we work with.

We have therefore taken the following action to ensure business can continue whilst acting responsibly towards our staff and the community:

  • In accordance with Government guidelines, all staff are social distancing and working from home.
  • The office telephone number has been diverted and will be responded to in the usual way.
  • All meetings will be conducted digitally by phone or video.
  • As a team we remain in regular contact with each other and are using video conferencing regularly to ensure no-one feels isolated by working from home.

It remains unclear if the construction industry will ‘keep building’ so we are in constant dialogue with our suppliers, to ensure we monitor their ability to meet our requirements, and with our customers on site to meet their material needs.

Otherwise we continue to respond to all enquiries and have been overwhelmed by the continued level of new opportunities. We are using all available technology to provide the very high levels of service you have come to expect from us and this will remain the case throughout (and beyond) this unprecedented global crisis.

We believe we are well-placed to respond to any further changes that may follow and will of course keep you updated of any development or business decisions we make during these fast moving and challenging times.

In the meantime everyone at Aquarian Cladding hope you, your loved ones and colleagues stay safe and well.

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