What’s in a name?

I like my name… Jane. It used to be a very popular name. I remember when I was in secondary school, there were 3 Janes just in my class alone. And I know that a lot of my friends (that are around about the same age as me now) have Jane as their middle name! I read somewhere that your name comes from your parents’ lives, their culture, their personal histories, and their dreams for their child. I think mine just liked the name! Anyway, your name is something you carry your whole life, and often marks your grave (or equivalent) when you die. So naming a child will be a most important task. Your name has importance to you and your family, your community, and all humanity, identifying you in space and time. But I also know friends who have changed their name by deed poll….!

If you are looking for a unique and personal naming ceremony and celebration to welcome a child into your wider family and friends, please get in touch.

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